Things change and so do we. But, sometimes it's fun to look back and reminisce about the way it was. So here are a few facts about our lives the year we graduated. 

In 1966:

The average price for a new house was $24,000.

The average income was $6,900.

Gas was .32/Gallon

A first class stamp was .o5 cents.

Lyndon Johnson was President of the United States.

The Dow Jones Ind. Avg. high for the year was 950. (Today it is about 16,500).

The U.S. population was 197,000,000. (Today it is 318,000,000).

Life expectancy was 70 years. (Today it is 79 years).

A dozen eggs were .60 cents.

Newly Realesed Movies in '66 Were:

The Wild Angels                        
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly          
Paradise, Hawaiian Style
A Man for All Seasons                        
Closely Watched Trains                                     
Fahrenheit 451                                      
Georgy Girl                               
Madame X                                
The Professionals                     
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf 

BTW - The average cost for a movie ticket was $1.10.

The Top Ten TV Shows Were:

The Red Skelton Hour    
The Andy Griffith Show               
The Lucy Show               
The Jackie Gleason Show            
Green Acres        
The Beverly Hillbillies       
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

It was the year of the first Super Bowl (actually the Super Bowl was in '67  for the '66 season): Green Bay 35 - Kansas City 10.

Steve Spurrier won the Heisman

Purdue won the Rose Bowl over USC. (Really? . . .Yup, by one point)

We can't forget the amazing season the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team had. In spite of the controversial tie with Michigan State, they were undefeated, only allowed 38 points to be scored against them all year! and ended the season beating USC 51 - 0. 

Baltimore beat L.A. in the World Series in 4 games.

 . . .And in the News:

Apollo Test Launch Kills Chaffe, Grissom, White
Russia Makes First Soft Moon Landing
Lost H bomb Found Off Spanish Coast
Supreme Court Rules On Rights Of Accused In Miranda Case
Sniper In Texas Shoots 45 from Tower
Long Time Favorite Buster Keaton Dies
Auto Critic Nader Gets Apology From GM
Artificial Pump Is Implanted In Heart

Walt Disney Dies

And just a few more interesting tidbits:

Jim Ryan brakes the 4 minute mile.

Cassius Clay becomes a Muslim.

"Suggested For Mature Audiences" started because of the movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?"

And the one thing we all surely remember, Masters and Johnson released their Best Seller "Human Sexual Response".